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Staying afloat on trends is the key to Successful Holiday Marketing

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have just ended, but that marks the beginning of the Holiday Season. We hope that this article will help you improve your Holiday Season sales in the marketing sector. The beginning of holiday season 2020 has also brought some good news in this wretched year, with the UK launching the first COVID- 19 vaccine for wide use. This Coronavirus vaccine news will give more confidence to the buyers and can bring shopping trends back to normal.

Thanksgiving, black Friday, and cyber Monday saw very huge sales, like every year, but there were some changes in the shopping trends. As millions of people were adapting to the new normal and businesses were adjusting to the social media norms, the holiday marketing 2020 trends were a bit different till now.
And as we know “Marketing trends define the success or failure of a marketing campaign”

So , let’s check out why staying afloat on trends is key to successful holiday marketing.

Numerous studies and reports have been published recently with respect to Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales this year because of the COVID 19 crises. Marketers were very eager to learn how people are reacting to this pandemic during the festive season and wanted to witness the changing holiday marketing trends. As these holiday sales mark the beginning of the holiday festival, learning from the changing holiday marketing strategies accordingly. Let’s break down the big trends witnessed by Searchspring across its customer base following the Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend and strategize our Christmas and New Year Holiday marketing campaigns in alignment with these trends.

Focus on mobile marketing

Mobile phones are constantly growing as an important tool for marketers to target audiences and enhance sales. According to searchspring’s study, on Black Friday 2020 nearly 71% of online customers shopped from their smartphones. And on Cyber Monday this number dipped a little to 65% but it is significant enough for you to start focusing on mobile marketing methods more mainly for upcoming holidays.

Covid 19 is not going anywhere soon, so all the marketing trends you have been witnessing on Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday and Black Friday will undoubtedly stay till 2021 arrives. We still have around 3 weeks for Christmas and to prepare and execute our mobile marketing strategies to boost our sales at the end of the year.

Looking for trending terms

Online shopping during Black Friday 2020 surged 22% and recorded billions, also Thanksgiving online sales in the US hit a recorded high. These signs clearly indicate that online marketing and sales have started its dream run. If you want to be a part of this dream run and win, then you need to sell online, and if you want to sell online, trending terms play a huge role in internet marketing strategies.
Searchspring found tha6t there was a rise in the purchase of eGift Cards, and this finding can help you in creating a selling offer for your brand. They also noticed that the increase in the number of sales of trending products was remarkable. There was a two to three times rise in the sale of trending products.

Outdoor Vacations

We know you might be thinking that we are discussing these changing trends just because people are not going out of their houses and adapting to the social distancing norms, and here are also talking about outdoor vacations. The thing is people have been at home for over 6 months, and even now they are avoiding going out to keep themselves safe, but they want to go out for a vacation. You can use various other channels such as radios, partnering with restaurants near tourist places, Air BNB’s, hotels, etc. to reach your audience. Majority of the people are shopping online, so no matter where you advertise and reach your audience don’t keep social media marketing aside. Put all your efforts to convert the potential customers as no matter where they are, they can buy your products and services online,

Latest Chartbusters as theme

This is something the majority of us miss out on, and all of us put up similar Christmas and New Year themes because of the festival, but we need to start making it more attractive by applying some new ideas. On the heels of Mandalorians Season 2 release, the star wars search went up by 3277% when compared to the previous year. The other top searches that trended included Baby Yoda and Mandalorian. This report gives clear indications that the businesses can take the help of the most trending and loved chartbusters and fuse them with occasion to build an attractive, engaging and effective theme for websites, social media, retail stores, etc.

Closing lines

Holiday Marketing is a method to earn some extra bugs, and this year these bugs are really important, so it becomes more important for businesses to leverage this opportunity efficiently. “Marketing is something that needs to be updated as per the mood and behavior of the audience, so it becomes more important for marketers to constantly study trends and act accordingly rather than blindly following the herd and drafting your Holiday Marketing strategies.”

Christmas and New Year are a perfect opportunity for you to add some more happiness to your festival season.