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More than 90% of all brands use 2 or more social media platforms to deliver content to their users

Majority of internet users will now go to social media platforms to find what they are looking for, FreelanceDirect will assist you in creating a social media page, on any platform and market your service/product to potential clients. Creaating content and sharing posts as well as paid marketing through these platforms to reach new customers.

Given the current state of today’s technology and application thereof, it makes it simpler to contact your customers or vice versa. Since majority of your audience is searching social media for their product or service, FreelanceDirect will identify and build adverts to cater to your potential customer base, within your area or further.

Social media platforms is a great method to increase your businesses brand awareness, as millions of people engage on social media daily, this makes it really simple to marketing a product or service to them. Based on their current activity or if they are just searching around.