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A strong and fast lead generation tool to find local businesses.

Google Ads or better known as Pay Per Click is one of the best lead generation marketing tools available to your business, FreelanceDirect prides itself to setting up large or small accounts and dealing with a variety of industries. No project is too large or too small for us to tackle. We will ensure that you are able to get the leads you are looking for. Google Ads is essentially a prepaid method where you would load funds into a Google Account and when a potential client clicks on your advert, it will deduct a certain amount. Once that amount runs out, your advert won’t show until you load more funds.

Get hold of us today and our professional team will help guide you to the best solution for you.

Google Ads and SEO go hand in hand when you want the best possible results for your business, as different people will not click on adverts but some people will only click on adverts, having both working for you will ensure that potential customers will see your website, organic or paid.

Google Ads is a key feature to use in any marketing plan, it allows you to be seen immediately, it also allows you to be shown to the correct audience, specifically people that are looking for you. Once our professional team has discussed the correct set of keywords, we will fine tune the account to ensure that you are receiving the correct type of leads.