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Find out how to use FreelanceDirect’s affiliate program and earn extra cash.

How it works

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FreelanceDirect will give you simple training in order to sell our products. It is simple enough for anyone to learn.


FreelanceDirect handles all client communications once you have submitted the details to us. No hassles!

Earn Easy Cash

FreelanceDirect will pay you out once your deal has been completed on our side. More business means more earnings.

Is it that easy?

Yes! It is that simple for you to start earning extra cash. Fill in the form to start your journey with us.

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Our FAQ’s

In the current state of the South Africa’s economy including the hassles COVID-19 has created for many businesses and individuals, becoming an affiliate for FreelanceDirect means you have zero to minimal risk opportunity to earn additional revenue.

Its as simple as sending us a qualified lead, which you will be trained on.

No! FreelanceDirect will train you on the basics of our product in order for you to sell it.

We have constructed tiers of earning with FreelanceDirect, the more deals you provide us with the higher your earning potential.

FreelanceDirect will ensure all your payments are made upon conclusion of the project you provided.